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Internet Friends,

Nice to meet you

Just call me Jesse. 

I'm a technical User Experience designer based in Chicago, being passionate about XR design and other tangible IXD.  

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What if there was a system in place to support hybrid living?

HMW connect hybrid workers with the right resources in their neighborhood.

When WebXR becomes common, how should designers get ready for the new design area?

Getting more people involved in Translational Research is the key to save more lives. 

In the new norm, HMW bring back daily socialization for remote workers while protecting their boundaries?

In the post-pandemic, are cloud drinking and in-home dancing possible? MR gave the solution. 

What if facial expressions are a new input for games? How life looks like in AR. 

Summer Intern in iMotions, working on implementing eye-tracking SDK to Varjo XR-3 and making tutorials for clients and sales team.

What's the user experience when Lvl 5 AV comes to campus? An entire system for self-driving shuttle.

Using COVID daily death data , bringing a new Monument to tell one thing — the passing lives are not numbers, we should remember them.

Concept, UX design, MR design, hand tracking interaction design.


Won the #1 place in Master Challenge 2020 ID X Verizon 



2020 Summer

A conceptual experience design for the future in-home clubbing experience. By using the post-human-centered design framework to explore the opportunities created by new technologies. Here we choose Mixed Reality to express the story. Then I explore the expected hand interactions when wearing headsets in the imagined future sceneraio.

Cyber drinking experience with hands gesture


Part 2

Design Process

A journey while in Mixxy

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