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Internet Friends,

Nice to meet you

Just call me Jesse. 

I'm a technical User Experience designer based in Chicago, being passionate about XR design and other tangible IXD.  

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What if there was a system in place to support hybrid living?

HMW connect hybrid workers with the right resources in their neighborhood.

When WebXR becomes common, how should designers get ready for the new design area?

Getting more people involved in Translational Research is the key to save more lives. 

In the new norm, HMW bring back daily socialization for remote workers while protecting their boundaries?

In the post-pandemic, are cloud drinking and in-home dancing possible? MR gave the solution. 

What if facial expressions are a new input for games? How life looks like in AR. 

Summer Intern in iMotions, working on implementing eye-tracking SDK to Varjo XR-3 and making tutorials for clients and sales team.

What's the user experience when Lvl 5 AV comes to campus? An entire system for self-driving shuttle.

Using COVID daily death data , bringing a new Monument to tell one thing — the passing lives are not numbers, we should remember them.

Data physicalization


Jesse Gao, You Li, Steven Arellano



2023 Spring

This is a 2-week long class project in Actuated User interface by Ken Nakagiki offered in 2023 winter quarter. Using toio robots (by Sony), we designed a interactive system to display monthly average speed in 2019 of rural and urban areas in the U.S.

Traffic data physicallization 

Speed visualization


We first build a simulation scene in Unity with the lowpoly models to illustrate the concept before we diving into the code decelopment.

Using each toio robot as a "moving car" running in two loops so that we can display the differences. 

We divided the diplaying area into left and right to represent urban and rural areas with some decorations. 

Lastly, we used one toio robot as the knob, allowing user to rotate to select the month they want to explore and press to switch day/night time. 


Our project was selected to exhibit in the MSI(Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago) Robot Exhibit 2023. I didn't go there becasue I was working on CHI presentation... But our Teammater Steve did a great job!!!

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